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License Exchange

License Exchange 

We are offering a license exchange for all products/ Licenses you have purchased through the previous owner. You will get a license number with this purchase. You will have to give us your name, and site you sell on.  (What/how you plan on using the graphics).  The license exchange is mandatory- you must show proof of purchase.

To get your new license, which will be valid for you to resell designs and art purchased at, By Resale Clipart. Each desinger has their own terms and licenses. Please follow the steps below:

sign up/register at

send a mail to

subject 'license exchange'

attach the proof of purchase

screenshot/receipts are accepted.

Along with your name and your design name.

As well with your store/sites you sell on:

we will then send you back the new license

Attention:::: The TOU changed at Resale Clipart, So please be sure to check them out.  I have every right to change them and for you to abide by them. No one is grandfathered in. 

 we are offerring this exchange for a limited time - it will end on December 31st 2016 afterwards it will be a small fee of $10.00. 

 please be patient, every mail will be answered as soon as possible.

To those who one own a Re-seller license with the previous owner. You will have 1 yr to make existing changes necessary to comply with our new rules and regulations. This Clause is put into place so it may help prevent any unfair competition.

Another Reminder :  A license # will be sent to you & must be displayed on your page or in the item description.  We do require that you keep your information (email address, and site(s) that you sell own up-to-date with us.  If information is not current we have the right to suspend your license. We will do periodically checking. So please make sure the information is current. If we find that the information is current we will email you. After the second attempt contacting you with no response. Your license will be revoked. 

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