Resale Clipart

Important News

As of March 2016 will have a new owner.  Please email the new owners at with your proof of purchase.  I was not good at keeping records and they are asking for a list of those who hold a license of any type.  They will be doing a license exchange till March 2017.  Please send all inquires to the new owners.  They now have all rights to all property and copyrights from 2000-2016.  


Please remember the following:

First and MOST important you may NEVER  offer our clipart for sale on your site as RESELLABLE clipart, You may offer our clipart as Commercial or Personal use only. You may NOT offer our clipart on ANY CD/DVD/Flash drive, etc. (collection). If your customers want resellable clipart they MUST make their purchases here from our site just like you had to. Any site/person found selling our clipart that was purchased from another site will be taken to court NO questions asked. The person who is reselling the clipart as resellable clipart will also be taken to court.

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