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You may offer our clipart for Commercial (must be made into something new and/or flattened) or for Personal use only.

For Resellers:(if you hold a license to resale) Your customers must make something new with the clipart and it must be flattened.  You may NOT offer our clipart in ANY CD collection period. If your customers want resellable clipart they MUST make their purchases here from our site just like you have to! 

Any site found selling resellable clipart with OUR clipart will be taken to court NO questions asked! And lastly you may NEVER offer my clipart for anything lower than a $1.25

What is NOT allowed with our Clip Art:

  1. You MAY NOT sell our clipart AS IS without first purchasing a resellers liscense. After purchasing your resellers license you MAY resell our clipart as is as long we get credit for the artwork.
  2. You MAY NOT recolor or add to our clip art graphics you may however add text to them.
  3. You MAY NOT put our clip art graphics on CD's for purchase of any kind
  4. You MAY NOT offer our clipart for lower than a $1.25
  5. You MAY NOT resell our clip art on Crafts U Print without the proper license.
  6. You MAY NOT claim our work as your own at anytime! As a Liscensed Reseller you must add your License number to the page description of each listing or on your main page. and have it linked to Resale Clipart, Also on your previews or in your descriptions it must state clip art from Resale Clipart.
  7. You MAY NOT share or give away our clip art without speaking to us first! We occasionally will make exceptions if it a simple give away or promotion please contact us directly first THIS INCLUDES ALL GROUPS AND FORUMS INCLUDING YAHOO GROUPS!.
  8. You CANNOT ever offer our clip art graphics to ANYONE for free. You may however offer an occasional freebie to your customers BUT never entire set but rather one single graphic or something you have created using our clip art graphics.

What is ALLOWED with our clipart when you have purchased a Resellers License:


  1. You MAY resell our clip art AS IS as long as we get full credit either in the description or on your previews you use. And you are the holder of a resellers license.
  2. You MAY use our clip art to create printables, crafting projects, embroidery projects, zazzle and cafe press items, candy wrappers, cards, patterns and more. PLEASE PURCHASE A LICENSE TO DO SO. THESE ARE LIMITED AND ONLY A FEW WILL BE ALLOWED.
  3. You MAY use our clip art in designing websites as long as we credit in the footer of the site for the graphics or clip art. This includes any web sets you may resell using our clip art graphics.  PLEASE ASK ABOUT OUR WEB DESIGN License.


Again in order to sell on more then one site you will need to ask about our multi-vendor license.

No one may sell on Crafts U Print unless they have a license to do so.  Even if you have purschase a licensed from the previous owner. Those terms are voided and you must follow the new terms. 

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