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Terms of Use

License Exchange


We are offering a license exchange for all products/ Licenses you have purchased through the previous owner

There is no charge. You will get a license number with this purchase. You will have to give us your name, and site you sell on.  (What/how you plan on using the graphics).  

The license exchange is mandatory- you must show proof of purchase.

To get your new license, which will be valid for all you to resell designs and art purchased at, please follow the steps below:

sign up/register at

send a mail to

subject 'license exchange'

attach the proof of purchase

screenshot/receipts are accepted.

Along with your name and your design name.

As well with your store/sites you sell on:

we will then send you back the new license

Attention:::: The TOU changed at Resale Clipart, So please be sure to check them out.  I have every right to change them and for you to abide by them. No one is grandfathered in. 

 we are offerring this exchange for a limited time - it will end on December 31st 2016 after that you will need to purchase a brand new license. 

 please be patient, every mail will be answered as soon as possible.

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