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Three Little Lady’s Templates TOU

Layered Templates Terms of Use for Files Created in 2012-present

Please contact me at if you have any questions on my terms of use before making your purchase

All the Layered Templates were created by  3LittleLadys & Resale Clipart 

All copyrights to the Templates found on the 3 Three Little Lay’s & Resale Clipart

When purchasing the template,  you are given the rights to use them.  You are not given the rights to claim as your own designs, and must always agree to the terms set when using the products. 

* Update* Any Layered Templates that are created after January 2015 are no longer allowed to be re-sold as is. They must be turned into a flattened image.  Items that are allowed to be re-sold with a special license is Clipart, Actions, Scripts, finished items such as cards, stationary, etc.

 They only templates that are allowed to be resold as templates are those that you purchased ans an exclusive set where only a few have been sold.

No license is required if you are using my Templates in your own personal use.

Please do not sell our products in any buy my store promotions or club memberships.

 Please do not  offer our graphics in any CD form to your customers for any reason.

 Ask prior permission before you  recolor or add or remove anything from my products

When creating scripts, actions, Clipart, etc, with our items for resale the finished item must be a merged file.  A different license is needed if you want to create scripts. And another one is needed if you want to create actions.

No Cutting Files will be allowed to be sold with any items created after May 2014. This includes selling the products to your customers for the purpose of them making their svg  files.

No print and cuts are allowed to be created with my products- unless you are licensed to create them . A license is required to create any type of print and cuts even with commissioned and or exclusive pieces.  This is another license that will be needed.


NO EMBROIDERY FILES are allowed to be created with my products including digitized patterns or files, created as of June 2015- You are not allowed to sell my products to any embroidery designers

PLEASE : NO RIBBONS ARE ALLOWED TO BE CREATED FOR SALE OR BE SENT TO A DISTRIBUTOR TO MAKE FOR YOU. If any ribbons are created with my products without the proper licensing, You will automatically lose any privileges you have to sale or use my products. PRINTING YOUR OWN RIBBON IS ALSO NOT ALLOWED, DIGITAL OR PHYSICAL INCLUDED.

Please do  NOT make any type of pendants or other jewelry items with my designs, without proper license.

Anyone that is selling my products on their own website, Etsy, Ebay, Anywhere on the internet must clearly state credits to me as the original artist. Terms of use must be visibly displayed in shops that allow this. Such as Etsy, Ebay and all others must be included in their packaging that their customers receive. If credit is not given, your license will be revoked, no questions asked. It is your responsibility as a reseller to ensure that my products are protected.

IF You Have any questions of What is allowed or not allowed with my products please ask! DO NOT ASSUME IT IS OKAY, just because it is not listed. There are plenty of items that are allowed that are not listed, but there is many items that might require additional licensing, or is not allowed at all. Please do not risk losing your license because you allowed someone to do something that you assume is okay! Not only will you be required to remove the products, your customers will also have to remove the items they created.

Items you can make:

*Shrinky Dink Images,*Bottle Cap Images, *Web Banners, *Party Designs( if printed you need a print n cut license) *Cards If printed you need a print n cut license),*Cookie Designs-Edible Only No Cookie Cutters (need a print n cut license) ,*Cupcake toppers  (need a print n cut license) *Scrapbook pages,*Business Cards,*Stationary (print license) *Iron On's  (print and clothing license) *Gift tags (print and cut license needed)



This Terms of Use can be altered only by 3 Three little Ladys and Resale Clipart you have any questions on my terms of use before making your purchase

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